Dexco® 挤压用悬臂架系统

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Plastic and aluminum extrusions have highly specific storage requirements due to their heavy weight, 长度长,易损坏. Dexco® storage racking, 由冰球突破豪华版游戏下载设计和制造, 具有宽法兰结构钢工字钢梁, making them ideal for industrial-grade materials like aluminum and plastic extrusions. mg冰球突破豪华版下载的悬臂架最多可以放20个,000磅每臂安全挤压存储, mg冰球突破豪华版下载的定制设计提供更高的重量容量. Floor-mounted stanchion rack systems can also accommodate large quantities of extrusions. Numerous manufacturers and distributors in the plastics and metal industries use our industrial storage systems to overcome common issues with storing extrusions.



Manufacturers and distributors that work with high volumes of extrusions require storage capacities that often exceed standard racking weight or size limits. 典型的商业存储系统使用卷型钢, reducing their ability to hold industrial extrusions as effectively as systems like Dexco racking that utilize structural-grade materials in their construction. Dexco塑料和铝挤压存储架容纳多达20,每个悬臂臂或非常大的数量每个专业机架. 定制Dexco机架可以容纳更高的容量, and are well suited for businesses that work with exceptionally large volumes of extrusions.



The wide range of extrusion shapes and materials in manufacturing and distribution results in varying practices for extrusion storage. As a result, businesses that work with extrusions need racking configurations to accommodate products with different storage requirements. Our cantilever racks for plastic and aluminum extrusions use vertically adjustable arms to hold items of varying widths, lengths and shapes. 在需要地面挤压存储的应用中, mg冰球突破豪华版下载的支柱货架系统可以实现垂直堆叠. Stanchion racks also suit round profile materials and other items susceptible to rolling.



适当的挤压堆积可降低因冲击而损坏的风险, and Dexco racks are designed to accommodate your handling devices and facilitate more efficient stacking practices. The open-faced design of Dexco cantilever racking enables easier access from material handling equipment like sideloader forklifts and pedestrian stackers. Ross engineers can also custom-design a stanchion or cantilever rack based on your specific handling equipment specifications to enable more efficient operations than may normally be possible with standard rack systems.



Dexco racking can accommodate extrusions of different profiles and sizes in the same bay for flexible organization and efficient use of storage space. The open vertical layout of cantilever racking and the open tops and ends of stanchion racking enable storage of different products in the same system. Our engineers can also modify features such as cantilever arm angle to ensure secure retention of difficult-to-store materials like round tubes and bars.



采用Dexco挤出机架从冰球突破豪华版游戏下载, 您可以根据库存数量和产品尺寸的变化调整存储布局. Every Dexco racking system has adjustable features to facilitate changes in layout. Users can change cantilever rack arm positions to accommodate different extrusion sizes and shapes. 带有模块化托架的支柱架, 随着存储需求的增加,设施所有者可以增加更多的机架.



Discover our 工字梁悬臂式货架系统室外悬臂式储物架 and 用于挤压存储的支柱架 在各自的产品页面上.

有关mg冰球突破豪华版下载的悬臂和支柱架的更多信息, request a quote online.



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